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“My son Matt & I just used the scrub and body frosting on our hands. It smells insanely yummy  My hand feel SO moisturized!” – Georgia Custom Gift Baskets

“Thank you for recommending the olive oil face scrub it worked miracles on my skin and the peppermint tea tree bar is so invigorating! I love your products ♥ ” – Cassie Kotkowski

“I got my package today, and everything was fantastic! Really glad I went with your recommendation for the peppermint sugar scrub… It was awesome! I’ll be sharing your page with my friends for sure. Thanks! ♥ ” – Allison Guzniczak

Hey! I just wanted you to know that I received my lavender eye pillow today & I love it! I love how you even wrapped it in tissue! Thank you so much! Very pleased customer! God Bless! – Brynne McGuire

“I received my package today, how quick! Everything looks & smells sooooo WONDERFUL! Can’t wait to use it all. Thank you so much! ♥” – Trisha Schexsnayder

“Used my fave pink grapefruit sugar scrub this am – love the scent and my skin feels FABULOUS!!” – Susan Brown

“I just got my lip scrub and face scrub and had to try it. OH MY GOSH!!!! I feel like I have new lips and my face, unbelievable. Thank you so much. I finally found a product that is worth it and the prices are very reasonable. A lot of people are going to be getting gifts for Mother’s Day and I am a customer for as long as you guys are in business. Keep up the good work. AWESOME!!!!” – Linda Toback Gullotto

“Going through menopause I have many sleepless nights. My biggest challenge is that my feet get so dry at night I can not fall asleep. I have tried every lotion on the shelf to find they help very little. Then I tried Bellanonna Boutique’s All Natural Foot Scrub and it made all the difference in the world. I simply use it while I am in the shower and my feet are soothed immediately and feel so soft. I fall right asleep without having to use any lotion at all. I highly recommend the foot scrubs to everyone at any age – they make my feet feel at their absolute best, my feet look healthier and younger too.” – Lisa Tiger

“Your “Exotic Paradise” sugar scrub is insanely good!! I can’t stop using it 
If anyone is on the fence about purchasing it, try the sample, then you’ll be placing an order for more! My hands were literally so dry that I had scaly patches of dry skin that lotion wouldn’t help. I used this sugar scrub twice and all of that dead skin is gone :)” – Lorna Pierce Steadham

“I just tried the whipped Banana Scrub on my hands..LOVE IT !!!!” – Maria Mangione

“Oh my gosh!! Thank you SO very much for the AWESOME smelling Exotic Paradise Sugar Scrub I got in my mailbox yesterday! I can’t wait to have my “girls day” tomorrow with my daughter! I’m already picking out stuff for my next order!!!!” – Jennifer Walsh-Crosland

“Got my Scrubs!!! Bellanonna ROCKS:) i used the Exotic Paradise Sugar Scrub. it made my skin SUPER soft and delicious smelling!! love it” – Tawnya Weaver

“Oh my gosh our items arrived today and I think I died and went to heaven they smell Devine. I’ve already tried the Green tea and vitamin c facial scrub and the exotic paradise body scrub and my skin feels fantastic so soft and smooth. Even hubby want to try them !!! We will defiantly be ordering from you again. Xxx” – Tanya Hobbs

“Love my scrubs and so does my 13 yr old daughter. I saw a difference after one use. I only wish I had taken a before and after picture of my elbow and ankle. Thank you so much! Will definitely be ordering more soon!” – Holly Lapeyrouse Rousseau

“Got my face cream and facial serum yesterday. They are both so WONDERFUL…I love them!! Makes my face so much softer and smoother than the big name store bought stuff!! So glad I found you!!” – Melanie Jones Burnham

“Wanted to let you know that I used the mask, foot scrub and whipped sugar scrub in the shower today. After getting out and dried off I feel like a new woman. Love the way my skin feels, like it just had a cool drink of water.” – Tammy Heminger Yocom

“Hey lovely lady, wanted to let you know that I got my scrub and face and eye cream and I LOVE them! My skin is so soft and smooth, even the fine lines around my eyes seem to have faded in just 4 days!” – Michelle Rollins

“I just wanted to brag on your products!! I wear flip flops and sandals alot, plus go to the tanning bed..anyways my feet were looking very dry and cracked ( not to gross you out) not terrible but I was thinking its time for a $55 pedi. Anyways…the cocunut scrub I bought I have been scrubbing my feet with it followed by the body butter. GIRL, it has worked!!!!! My feet look amazing now! I haven’t tried my relaxing bath salt yet (gosh knows I need to) but I just wanted to say I love everyhing and can’t wait to try more!!!” – Wendi Holmes

“I just wanted to tell you that I used the whipped banana sugar scrub for the first time today and my skin has never been so soft! I’ve had eczema since I was 9 months old. I am now 23 and I have used every cream, ointment, and body wash you can imagine. Nothing has ever worked. I am SO EXCITED that I found your page and bought the scrub. You are AWESOME & as long as you stay in business I will be buying from you! Thank you so much!! :)” – Lindsey Cannon

“I started using the banana scrub this past week and absolutely love it. Ive had psoriasis for 7 years now and have tried so many different treatment options and after only using this for a few days I have a seen a huge difference. I love this product and will continue buying it.” – Leandra Parker

“I’ve been using the anti-aging face cream and it’s literally the only moisturizer that I’ve used in 4 years that hasn’t made me break out. It makes me skin look younger too. I’ve been using it in combination with the green tea facial scrub, strawberry shortcake mask, and watermelon serum and I have to say, I don’t think I will use any other products on my skin. My skin feels smoother and looks younger in a matter of the few weeks I’ve been using them. I haven’t had any major breakouts either, which is great for me. I’m definitely loving it and the fact that it’s all natural is a complete bonus!” – Candice Lowrey

“I REALLY Believe in your products ever since I have been using them and I have seen a big change in the appearance my skin but most importantly relied for my little boy. My son Cullen is 4 and had terrible eczema on his legs to the point where it develops a bright red rash and bleeds. I have tried literally every product on the market for eczema to find relief for him. When I started buying your banana sugar scrub and whipped banana lotion to try on him is when I noticed a HUGE difference in his skin and I am not kidding but overnight it lessened tremendously and is almost gone away completely which it never has gone away. I am still so thankful for your amazing line of products that really are life changing because I finally found something that works for Cullen’s eczema and for that I am grateful! Before when I would use an eczema cream on his legs that was store bought it would burn his little legs and he would cry and I would be right there crying with him because it killed me to see him in so much pain without any relief. I want to personally thank you for your amazing products that have changed his life and mine!” ~Eileen M. ♥

“My husband just recently started using my son’s banana body butter lotion on his dry cracked knuckles and hands. He is blown away that he actually feels relief and his hands are super moisturized now due to your fabulous body butter. He has used every store bought lotion out there for dry skin for his hands and none of them have ever worked. My husband is now a huge fan of your company and your products and loves it that I sell them now.” -Eileen M. ♥

“I just have to say TWO DAYS….My youngest daughter has the worst dry skin and we got our order two days ago in the mail and she came to me tonight and said Momma feel…..her skin feels so much better. The Whipped Banana Scrub is Amazing! Thank you Samantha and Bellanonna!” — Sarah Thompson Hoell

“I have to thank you, Bellanona! I used this on my 9 year old son’s eczema-rittled skin for the first time last night and was amazed! First off, unlike other eczema treatments, it smells good enough to eat! Then, when we rinsed the scrub, his skin was left soft and covered in what I can assume was the jojoba oil. No matter what we put on him at night, he usually wakes up with dry skin in the morning, but not this morning! His skin was STILL soft and hydrated. Please don’t EVER go away, Bellanona! You’ve turned me into a true believer and I can’t wait to order more of this scrub and your other products!!! Thank you!!!” –Megan Thurley-Washington

“We are completely AMAZED by the condition of my sons skin after tonight’s first use! We used the banana scrub and the goats milk lotion. My son suffers from eczema. My son did not complain of burning like a lot of the products we have tried and his skin is sooo very soft not greasy. So far we are completely satisfied and that is just after one use! All smiles for this momma  thank you Bellanonna! Oh and the banana scrub smells soo yummy!!!  my two years old said mmmm lol”

“I decided to use the whipped banana scrub starting yesterday on my 21 month old. I told myself I was going to take pictures to send you. I went to take pictures tonight, and the skin was completely clear! I apologize for not taking them before, but so excited to not have the chance to now!”

“Being a New First time Mommy has made me start to read labels and research the products I buy for my daughter! After her doctor told me to stop using Johnson&Johnson because of the ingredients, and to start using Aveeno I rushed to the store and bought a ton of bath time products and lotions. Then I realized that both products were made by the same company… So how could one be any better for my daughter? She has patches of dry skin and her neck gets raw underneath all her tiny rolls But then I found your baby products! After one use her skin has that soft baby feel I had expected to get from other products. I have been using your Banana Scrub & Goats Milk Lotion, and I love it! I can’t Thank-you enough for having these products! When I touch my daughter’s skin I’m no longer sad that it’s so rough and dry” -Amanda Brooker

“Hi! I ordered the Banana Scrub a while ago, and I had just a little left. I saw that you had a testimonial about a woman using it on her child for cradle cap. Well, I used what little I had left on my baby’s scalp and all it took was one application and it’s gone!! I’ve tried everything. Head and Shoulders, baby oil, just trying to simply brush it out… nothing worked and she is almost 2. FINALLY, after so long, your scrub is what worked the best! Thank you so much. If it wasn’t for this product, my baby would prob be on some Rx with crazy side effects. Much love!!” –Leah R.

“I have suffered from psoriasis for the past five yrs. Two yrs ago I discovered it on my elbows. My dermatologist gave me a prescription for a jar of cream that w/o insurance would cost me $500. After using it for awhile I notice it wasn’t helping my elbows. I knew about Bellanonna but didn’t know about the whipped banana scrub. I decided I would spend the money on it even though I didn’t think it would be any better than the $500 jar of cream I had. By the second day of using this scrub the psoriasis that I had on my elbows was GONE. Not just better but GONE! I continue using it twice a week on my skin and to this day I’m literally blown away that something that doesn’t require a prescription from my doctor can do magic on my skin.” — Michelle King

“Hi- Just wanted to say that I have terrible eczema- and have tried prescription lotions, over the counter lotions, everything – and nothing worked. I started using your banana scrub, and it is magic! My eczema is almost completely healed – and not itchy AT ALL anymore! The skin on the insides of my wrist, where it was worst, is almost completely back to normal. This stuff is great!” -Lisa Caiaccia Guido

“Hi! I just wanted to say that my mom ordered my 17 month old daughter the whipped banana scrub and goats milk lotion and its only been 3 days since we’ve tried it and I have a totally different baby! She has never had smooth skin like this since she was a newborn. She has really bad eczema and dry skin and we could never find anything that works until now! So glad we found you guys on Facebook! Thank you guys so much!” -Courtney Banks

“I have to brag on the Purple Bedtime Monsters Lotion, I got my order today and it smelled SO good I put some on my toddler; less than 30 minutes later he was FAST asleep! Awesome!!” -Francine Moore

“I have been meaning to write you a testimonial for awhile now, and had to today….I have had eczema for years and no lotion, potion, cream or prescription has been able to fully get it under control. When I saw your banana scrub, I figured I may as well give it a try! Let me tell you, within 3 days all of my eczema was virtually gone!!!!! I have bought a few times and recently ran out, forgetting to put in an order. Within a week, my skin is dry, uncontrollably Itchy and all flared up. I will never allow myself to run out again!!!!” -Melissa Portner Corbett

“I thought that you might be interested in seeing my before and after pics of my hands though. My husband was a total skeptic since I had tried other scrubs and lotions before with lackluster results. You can’t tell everything from these pictures, but let me tell you it has made a world of difference on my skin. It no longer constantly cracks and bleeds and its feeling much better. Thanks!” -Nichelle Newton

“My son has little red bumps on his arms, face, and legs. He has had them since birth, his doctor seems to think its some form of eczema. I have the same problem on my face and arms, causing a lot of redness. I’ve tried all sorts of products on both of us with no change. I saw a before/after picture on this page of a baby with the same red bumps. The products that were used were a whipped banana sugar scrub and goats milk lotion. So I ordered some. I got it today and just used it. HUGE difference. My face isn’t as red and almost all the bumps on my arms are gone. I can’t wait to try this stuff on my son. I will be highly recommending these products to everyone! :)” – Amanda McCarthy

“My daughter who will be two in July has always had bad cradle cap ive used baby oil and cradle cap shampoo and nothing has worked but it would turn her hair so greasy for days. I used the banana scrub one time and her cradle cap is gone and hasn’t come back! I also use it on my girls every other bath and their skin stays nice and smooth and of course yummy smelling!!!” – Kylie G.

“We use the banana sugar scrub followed by the goats milk lotion for my sons exzema and our pediatrician said she has never seen skin look so good and would be recommending these products to other patients!” – Kristan Huppe Desmarais

“This is a before and after picture of my sons cradle cap. I used the banana scrub ONCE and its gone! Its not even still stuck to his hair, completely gone!” – Amanda McCarthy

“My son has Eczema and I have Psoriasis I’ve tried all sorts of products on both of us with no change… So I ordered a whipped banana sugar scrub and goats milk lotion! I got it today and just used it on my son! HUGE difference. His face isn’t as red and almost all the bumps on his arms are gone. My husband also tried it on his elbows and he said that he will be using it as well because his elbows are not rough and dry any more. Can’t wait to try this stuff on myself. I will be highly recommending these products to everyone!” – Faith Froetschner


“I have not been able to wear shorts since I was about 22 or 23 and its looking like for our upcoming May beach vacation my suitcase will be packed full of shorts, no pants or capris for the first time in my adult life. My life is completely changed.  I SWEAR by the whipped banana scrub and lotion. It has changed my life.” -Kristen B.

“Whipped Banana Scrub has almost completely healed my 14 year old daughter’s eczema. We have fought eczema all her life , tried prescription’s and over the counter creams that have promised relief and healing but she was left with disappointment. We recommend this product to our friends. Thanks Bellanonna!”
-Candace and Carley H.

“I just wanted to say 2 things. Number 1, I ordered your java junkie sugar scrub and holy crap, it smells like walking up to a starbucks counter! This will really wake me up!! And second….I started getting a really weird rash/breakout under my arms due to some diet detoxing I have been doing for the past month and purposefully ordered the banana scrub after reading so many positive things about it. I have used it three times now and already, it went from VERY red to slightly pink and all the raised bumps have disappeared! I am SOLD on your products now! Thank you so much for developing natural quality products, that smell great and actually work!!” -Jess G.

“So I tried the new cucumber mint facial scrub out last night and I must say I love it too!! I think it would be amazing and refreshing for morning time though. And I got the toner and eye cream and the toner is a definite must forever now! And the eye cream I LOVE! It absorbs so fast and leaves you without a stickiness but still very hydrated!!” – Jennifer D.

“My 3 yr old twins, 8 yr old and myself get horrible bouts of eczema..I tried the whipped banana scrub and goats milk lotion on my hands and POOF..after 2 days was completely gone!! I can’t wait to start my kiddos on it tonight!!! Thank you and I have shared the info with all of my allergy/ eczema friends and family as well ” – Keandra D.

“Wanted to tell u… I’ve always worn makeup because I’m embarrassed of my skin… Since using ur products I’m proud to say I do not wear makeup anymore!!! Only on special occasions of course!!” – Crystal V.

“Hi Bellanonna Boutique!

I just wanted to share a pic with you. I had gotten to the point where I was photoshopping my skin on all of my photos before using your Anti-aging face cream, eye cream and avocado oil. I was 24 and had wrinkles everywhere! I have been using you skin care religiously since last winter and my skin is BEAUTIFUL! Not to toot my own horn, but I don’t have to wear as much makeup anymore. The first pick is from about 8 years ago, teen years, and I think my skin looks way better than it did years ago. I wish I had a before that isn’t photoshopped bc I had really deep lines in my forehead and major laugh lines around my mouth. The right pic is completely untouched and in natural lighting.

Your products are amazing! Not only have they CURED my sons Eczema, but I look younger than I did 8 years ago!!

Thank you so much! I’m a customer for life!” -Myra Gonzalez-Mora

 “I have spent hundreds of dollars on lotions, ointments, steroid creams (which I didn’t want to use), dermatologist appointments, etc. and I have never seen results this quick! My 3 year old has had eczema since birth and usually the things I have tried burn him, irritate his skin further, or simply do not work. Whipped Banana Scrub and Goats Milk Lotion has done wonders! It smells good, my toddler enjoys helping me put the products on his skin, and his skin has improved greatly in just 10 days! I can’t wait to see what his skin looks like in 10 more days! Thanks you Bellanonna Boutique for your wonderful, all natural products!” -Rachel Stailey Barksdale

 “This is my 18 year old. She had a flare up of eczema that went from her knee to the middle of her back. She had been on a steroid cream for 4 days when I took the picture on the left. After 3 uses of whipped banana scrub and goat milk lotion it cleared up to the picture on the right. It’s such an amazing product!!! Thank you!” – Jocelyn

“I don’t believe I’ll ever buy store products ever again. Thank you so much for your dedication and providing the products you do!!!” ♥♥♥-Renee Ammons